Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements continued The acquisition of Fleetmatics was accounted for as a business combination. The consideration was allocated to the assets acquired and liabilities assumed based on their fair values as of the close of the acquisition. Goodwill is calculated as the difference between the acquisition date fair value of the consideration transferred and the fair value of the net assets acquired. The goodwill recorded as a result of the Fleetmatics transaction represents future economic benefits we expect to achieve as a result of the acquisition. The goodwill related to this acquisition is included within Corporate and other. See Note 3 for additional information. Other In July 2016, we acquired Telogis, Inc., a global cloud-based mobile enterprise management software business, for $0.9 billion of cash consideration. Upon closing, we recorded $0.5 billion of goodwill that is included within Corporate and other. During 2017, 2016 and 2015, we entered into and completed various other transactions for an insignificant amount of cash consideration. Real Estate Transaction On May 19, 2015, we consummated a sale-leaseback transaction with a financial services firm for the buildings and real estate at our Basking Ridge, New Jersey location. We received total gross proceeds of $0.7 billion resulting in a deferred gain of $0.4 billion, which will be amortized over the initial leaseback term of twenty years. The leaseback of the buildings and real estate is accounted for as an operating lease. The proceeds received as a result of this transaction have been classified within Cash flows used in investing activities on our consolidated statement of cash flows for the year ended December 31, 2015. Note 3 Wireless Licenses, Goodwill and Other Intangible Assets Wireless Licenses The carrying amounts of Wireless licenses are as follows: (dollars in millions) At December 31, 2017 2016 Wireless licenses $ 88,417 $86,673 At December 31, 2017 and 2016, approximately $8.8 billion and $10.0 billion, respectively, of wireless licenses were under development for commercial service for which we were capitalizing interest costs. We recorded approximately $0.5 billion of capitalized interest on wireless licenses for the years ended December 31, 2017 and 2016. The average remaining renewal period of our wireless license portfolio was 5.4 years as of December 31, 2017. See Note 1 for additional information. See Note 2 for additional information regarding spectrum license transactions. Goodwill Changes in the carrying amount of Goodwill are as follows: (dollars in millions) Wireless Wireline Other Total Balance at January 1, 2016 $ 18,393 $ 4,331 $ 2,607 $ 25,331 Acquisitions (Note 2) 2,310 2,310 Reclassifications, adjustments and other (547) 111 (436) Balance at December 31, 2016 $ 18,393 $ 3,784 $ 5,028 $ 27,205 Acquisitions (Note 2) 4 208 1,956 2,168 Reclassifications, adjustments and other 1 (202) (201) Balance at December 31, 2017 $ 18,397 $ 3,993 $ 6,782 $ 29,172 During 2016, we allocated $0.1 billion of goodwill on a relative fair value basis from Wireline to Other as a result of the reclassification of our telematics businesses. See Note 12 for additional information. In addition, during 2016, we allocated $0.4 billion of goodwill on a relative fair value basis from Wireline to Non-current assets held for sale on our consolidated balance sheet as of December 31, 2016 as a result of our agreement to sell 23 data center sites. See Note 2 for additional information. As a result of acquisitions completed during 2016, we recognized preliminary goodwill of $2.3 billion, which is included within Other. See Note 2 for additional information. 66
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