Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements continued In connection with the Data Center Sale and other insignificant divestitures, we recorded a net gain on sale of divested businesses of approximately $1.8 billion in Selling, general and administrative expense on our consolidated statement of income for the year ended December 31, 2017. WideOpenWest, Inc. In August 2017, we entered into a definitive agreement to purchase certain fiber-optic network assets in the Chicago market from WideOpenWest, Inc. (WOW!), a leading provider of communications services. The transaction closed in December 2017. In addition, the parties entered into a separate agreement pursuant to which WOW! will complete the build-out of the network assets we acquired by the second half of 2018. The total cash consideration for the transactions is expected to be approximately $0.3 billion, of which $0.2 billion is related to the transaction that closed in December 2017. Other Acquisition of AOL Inc. In May 2015, we entered into an Agreement and Plan of Merger (the Merger Agreement) with AOL Inc. (AOL) pursuant to which we commenced a tender offer to acquire all of the outstanding shares of common stock of AOL at a price of $50.00 per share, net to the seller in cash, without interest and less any applicable withholding taxes. On June 23, 2015, we completed the tender offer and merger, and AOL became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Verizon. The aggregate cash consideration paid by Verizon at the closing of these transactions was approximately $3.8 billion. Holders of approximately 6.6 million shares exercised appraisal rights under Delaware law. If they had not exercised these rights, Verizon would have paid an additional $330 million for such shares at the closing. AOL was a leader in the digital content and advertising platform space. Verizon has been investing in emerging technology that taps into the market shift to digital content and advertising. AOL’s business model aligns with this approach, and we believe that its combination of owned and operated content properties plus a digital advertising platform enhances our ability to further develop future revenue streams. The acquisition of AOL has been accounted for as a business combination. The fair values of the assets acquired and liabilities assumed were determined using the income, cost and market approaches. The fair value measurements were primarily based on significant inputs that are not observable in the market and thus represent a Level 3 measurement as defined in ASC 820, other than long-term debt assumed in the acquisition. The income approach was primarily used to value the intangible assets, consisting primarily of acquired technology and customer relationships. The income approach indicates value for an asset based on the present value of cash flow projected to be generated by the asset. Projected cash flow is discounted at a required rate of return that reflects the relative risk of achieving the cash flow and the time value of money. The cost approach, which estimates value by determining the current cost of replacing an asset with another of equivalent economic utility, was used, as appropriate, for property, plant and equipment. The cost to replace a given asset reflects the estimated reproduction or replacement cost for the property, less an allowance for loss in value due to depreciation. The following table summarizes the consideration to AOL’s shareholders and the identification of the assets acquired, including cash acquired of $0.5 billion, and liabilities assumed as of the close of the acquisition, as well as the fair value at the acquisition date of AOL’s noncontrolling interests: (dollars in millions) As of June 23, 2015 Cash payment to AOL’s equity holders $ 3,764 Estimated liabilities to be paid(1) 377 Total consideration $ 4,141 Assets acquired: Goodwill $ 1,938 Intangible assets subject to amortization 2,504 Other 1,551 Total assets acquired 5,993 Liabilities assumed: Total liabilities assumed 1,851 Net assets acquired: 4,142 Noncontrolling interest (1) Total consideration $ 4,141 (1) During the years ended December 31, 2017 and 2016, we made cash payments of $1 million and $179 million, respectively, in respect of acquisition-date estimated liabilities to be paid. As of December 31, 2017, the remaining balance of estimated liabilities to be paid was $197 million. 2017 Annual Report | Verizon Communications Inc. and Subsidiaries 63
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