2017 Annual Report | Verizon Communications Inc. and Subsidiaries 1 At Verizon, we have one mission: to give humans the ability to do more in this world. It’s why we’re partnering with visionaries from just about every industry you can imagine, using technology and data to turn innovative ideas into realities. We don’t wait for the future. We build it. Building the future means we’re continuously inventing for new markets and revenue opportunities yet to emerge. From smart cities, connected cars and data-driven supply chains to pioneering disruptive industry transformation, it will all be made into a reality by our unique technology. Making cities smarter and greener: Using sensors in asphalt and roadside cameras running on our powerful network technology, we’re helping the City of Sacramento cut its traffic jams, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and driving time for thousands of drivers. There’s a huge opportunity to work with hundreds of other cities throughout the U.S. on this type of project. Enhancing food safety: We’re turning the idea of connected cargo and the smart supply chain into reality. We’re working with partners to track cargo—measuring everything from temperature changes, humidity and location—in real time using a sensor the size of a nickel. The market opportunity for such connected cargo extends well past just the food chain and into almost every industry depending on logistics, such as the healthcare industry, where tracking medication accurately is essential. Reinventing healthcare: Options for patients have long been limited by where the best doctors and surgeons were based, but thanks to the near-zero latency 5G network we’re deploying, that will soon be a thing of the past. Surgeons will be able to conduct an operation from thousands of miles away, remotely operating a robotic version of their hands. This is just one example of the incredible ideas our advanced network is helping make a reality.
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