Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations continued At December 31, 2015, approximately $8.2 billion or 7.5% of the aggregate principal amount of our total debt portfolio consisted of foreign denominated debt, primarily the Euro and British Pound Sterling. We have entered into cross currency swaps in order to fix our future interest and principal payments in U.S. dollars and mitigate the impact of foreign currency transaction gains or losses. See “Market Risk” for additional information. Other, net Other, net financing activities during 2015 included $2.7 billion of cash proceeds received related to the Tower Monetization Transaction, which relates to the portion of the towers that we continue to occupy and use for network operations partially offset by the settlement of derivatives upon maturity for $0.4 billion. Dividends During the third quarter of 2015, the Board increased our quarterly dividend payment 2.7% to $0.565 per share from $0.550 per share in the same prior period. As in prior periods, dividend payments were a significant use of capital resources. During 2015, we paid $8.5 billion in dividends. Asset-Backed Debt As of December 31, 2017, the carrying value of our asset- backed debt was $8.9 billion. Our asset-backed debt includes notes (the Asset-Backed Notes) issued to third- party investors (Investors) and loans (ABS Financing Facility) received from banks and their conduit facilities (collectively, the Banks). Our consolidated asset-backed debt bankruptcy remote legal entities (each, an ABS Entity or collectively, the ABS Entities) issue the debt or are otherwise party to the transaction documentation in connection with our asset-backed debt transactions. Under the terms of our asset-backed debt, we transfer device payment plan agreement receivables from Cellco Partnership and certain other affiliates of Verizon (collectively, the Originators) to one of the ABS Entities, which in turn transfers such receivables to another ABS Entity that issues the debt. Verizon entities retain the equity interests in the ABS Entities, which represent the rights to all funds not needed to make required payments on the asset-backed debt and other related payments and expenses. Our asset-backed debt is secured by the transferred device payment plan agreement receivables and future collections on such receivables. The device payment plan agreement receivables transferred to the ABS Entities and related assets, consisting primarily of restricted cash, will only be available for payment of asset-backed debt and expenses related thereto, payments to the Originators in respect of additional transfers of device payment plan agreement receivables, and other obligations arising from our asset- backed debt transactions, and will not be available to pay other obligations or claims of Verizon’s creditors until the associated asset-backed debt and other obligations are satisfied. The Investors or Banks, as applicable, which hold our asset-backed debt have legal recourse to the assets securing the debt, but do not have any recourse to Verizon with respect to the payment of principal and interest on the debt. Under a parent support agreement, Verizon has agreed to guarantee certain of the payment obligations of Cellco Partnership and the Originators to the ABS Entities. Cash collections on the device payment plan agreement receivables are required at certain specified times to be placed into segregated accounts. Deposits to the segregated accounts are considered restricted cash and are included in Prepaid expenses and other and Other assets on our consolidated balance sheets. Proceeds from our asset-backed debt transactions, deposits to the segregated accounts and payments to the Originators in respect of additional transfers of device payment plan agreement receivables are reflected in Cash flows from financing activities in our consolidated statements of cash flows. Repayments of our asset-backed debt and related interest payments made from the segregated accounts are non-cash activities and therefore not reflected within Cash flows from financing activities in our consolidated statements of cash flows. The asset- backed debt issued and the assets securing this debt are included on our consolidated balance sheets. During September 2016 and May 2017, we entered into loan agreements through an ABS Entity with a number of financial institutions. Under these ABS loan agreements, we have the right to prepay all or a portion of the loans at any time without penalty, but in certain cases, with breakage costs. In December 2017, we prepaid $0.4 billion. The amount prepaid is available for further drawdowns until September 2018, except in certain circumstances. Credit Facilities In July 2017, we entered into credit facilities insured by various export credit agencies with the ability to borrow up to $4.0 billion to finance equipment-related purchases. The facilities have borrowings available, portions of which extend through October 2019, contingent upon the amount of eligible equipment-related purchases made by Verizon. At December 31, 2017, we had not drawn on these facilities. 2017 Annual Report | Verizon Communications Inc. and Subsidiaries 33
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