Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements continued From time to time, we offer certain marketing promotions that allow our customers to upgrade to a new device after paying down a certain specified portion of their required device payment plan agreement amount and trading in their device in good working order. When a customer enters into a device payment plan agreement with the right to upgrade to a new device, we account for this trade-in right as a guarantee obligation. The full amount of the trade-in right’s fair value (not an allocated value) is recognized as a guarantee liability and the remaining allocable consideration is allocated to the device. The value of the guarantee liability effectively results in a reduction to the revenue recognized for the sale of the device. In multiple element arrangements that bundle devices and monthly wireless service, revenue is allocated to each unit of accounting using a relative selling price method. At the inception of the arrangement, the amount allocable to the delivered units of accounting is limited to the amount that is not contingent upon the delivery of the monthly wireless service (the noncontingent amount). We effectively recognize revenue on the delivered device at the lesser of the amount allocated based on the relative selling price of the device or the noncontingent amount owed when the device is sold. Wireline Our Wireline segment earns revenue based upon usage of its network and facilities and contract fees. In general, fixed monthly fees for voice, video, data and certain other services are billed one month in advance and recognized when earned. Revenue from services that are not fixed in amount and are based on usage is generally billed in arrears and recognized when service is rendered. We sell each of the services we offer on a bundled basis (i.e., voice, video and data) and separately. Therefore, each of our products and services has a standalone selling price. Revenue from the sale of each product or service is allocated to each deliverable using a relative selling price method. Under this method, arrangement consideration is allocated to each separate deliverable based on our standalone selling price for each product or service. These services include Fios services, individually or in bundles, and high-speed Internet. When we bundle equipment with maintenance and monitoring services, we recognize equipment revenue when the equipment is installed in accordance with contractual specifications and ready for the customer’s use. The maintenance and monitoring services are recognized monthly over the term of the contract as we provide the services. Installation-related fees, along with the associated costs up to but not exceeding these fees, are deferred and amortized over the estimated customer relationship period. Other Advertising revenues are generated through display advertising and search advertising. Display advertising revenue is generated by the display of graphical advertisements and other performance-based advertising. Search advertising revenue is generated when a consumer clicks on a text-based advertisement on their screen. Agreements for advertising typically take the forms of impression-based contracts, time-based contracts or performance-based contracts. Advertising revenues derived from impression-based contracts under which we provide impressions in exchange for a fixed fee, are generally recognized as the impressions are delivered. Advertising revenues derived from time-based contracts under which we provide promotions over a specified time period for a fixed fee, are recognized on a straight-line basis over the term of the contract, provided that we meet and continue to meet our obligations under the contract. Advertising revenues derived from contracts under which we are compensated based on certain performance criteria are recognized as we complete the contractually specified performance. We are considered the principal in our programmatic advertising contracts as we are the primary obligor. We present all revenues from these contracts on a gross basis. We report taxes imposed by governmental authorities on revenue-producing transactions between us and our customers, net of taxes we pass through to our customers. Maintenance and Repairs We charge the cost of maintenance and repairs, including the cost of replacing minor items not constituting substantial betterments, principally to Cost of services as these costs are incurred. Advertising Costs Costs for advertising products and services, as well as other promotional and sponsorship costs, are charged to Selling, general and administrative expense in the periods in which they are incurred. See Note 14 for additional information. Earnings Per Common Share Basic earnings per common share are based on the weighted-average number of shares outstanding during the period. Where appropriate, diluted earnings per common share include the dilutive effect of shares issuable under our stock-based compensation plans. There were a total of approximately 5 million, 6 million and 8 million outstanding dilutive securities, primarily consisting of restricted stock units, included in the computation of diluted earnings per common share for the years ended December 31, 2017, 2016 and 2015, respectively. 2017 Annual Report | Verizon Communications Inc. and Subsidiaries 53
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