Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations continued Our goal is to use our cash to create long-term value for our shareholders. We will continue to look for investment opportunities that will help us to grow the business, strengthen our balance sheet, acquire spectrum licenses (see “Cash Flows from Investing Activities”), pay dividends to our shareholders and, when appropriate, buy back shares of our outstanding common stock (see “Cash Flows from Financing Activities”). Capital Expenditures Our 2018 capital program includes capital to fund advanced networks and services, including expanding our core networks, adding capacity and density to our 4G LTE network in order to stay ahead of our customers’ increasing data demands and pre-position our network for 5G, building out multi-use fiber to expand the future capabilities of both our wireless and wireline networks while reducing the cost to deliver services to our customers and pursuing other opportunities to drive operating efficiencies. We expect the new One Fiber architecture will also deliver high-speed Fios broadband to businesses and create new opportunities in the small and medium business market. The level and the timing of the Company’s capital expenditures within these broad categories can vary significantly as a result of a variety of factors outside of our control, such as material weather events. Capital expenditures for 2018 are expected to be in the range of $17.0 billion to $17.8 billion, including the commercial launch of 5G. Capital expenditures were $17.2 billion in 2017 and $17.1 billion in 2016. We believe that we have significant discretion over the amount and timing of our capital expenditures on a Company-wide basis as we are not subject to any agreement that would require significant capital expenditures on a designated schedule or upon the occurrence of designated events. Consolidated Financial Condition (dollars in millions) Years Ended December 31, 2017 2016 2015 Cash flows provided by (used in) Operating activities $ 25,305 $ 22,810 $ 39,027 Investing activities (19,372) (10,983) (30,043) Financing activities (6,734) (13,417) (15,112) Decrease in cash and cash equivalents $ (801) $ (1,590) $ (6,128) We use the net cash generated from our operations to fund network expansion and modernization, service and repay external financing, pay dividends, invest in new businesses and, when appropriate, buy back shares of our outstanding common stock. Our sources of funds, primarily from operations and, to the extent necessary, from external financing arrangements, are sufficient to meet ongoing operating and investing requirements. We expect that our capital spending requirements will continue to be financed primarily through internally generated funds. Debt or equity financing may be needed to fund additional investments or development activities or to maintain an appropriate capital structure to ensure our financial flexibility. Our cash and cash equivalents are primarily held domestically and are invested to maintain principal and provide liquidity. Accordingly, we do not have significant exposure to foreign currency fluctuations. See “Market Risk” for additional information regarding our foreign currency risk management strategies. Our available external financing arrangements include an active commercial paper program, credit available under credit facilities and other bank lines of credit, vendor financing arrangements, issuances of registered debt or equity securities, U.S. retail medium-term notes and other capital market securities that are privately-placed or offered overseas. In addition, we monetize our device payment plan agreement receivables through asset-backed debt transactions. 2017 Annual Report | Verizon Communications Inc. and Subsidiaries 29
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