Winning in the Future Perhaps the clearest view of GE’s growth potential lies in the trends shaping our collective future: the demand for infrastructure globally, growth of emerging markets, the economics of scarcity regarding natural resources, the ever-evolving opportunities of the digital age, the available liquidity in the global capital markets and the unstoppable demographics of healthcare. 12 ge 2006 annual report
By 2010, China’s air traffi c is expected to double to 240 million people infrastructure technology From aviation to energy to financing, we are building the infrastructure for a new century. The GEnx engine, shown here, is just one example of GE’s ability to tap into a $4 trillion global infrastructure market. Using advanced technology, the GEnx meets the soaring demand for lighter, more fuel-effi cient aircraft engines in growing markets like China. Through 2006, GE had orders for more than 665 GEnx engines from around the world, with an expected order value of more than $5 billion a healthy start to future growth. ge 2006 annual report 13
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