Invest and Deliver Simply put, these are the two reasons to own GE. They are the measure of our history and our capacity for growth. GE’s ability to invest in the right people, technology and businesses ahead of market trends ensures our leadership through any economic cycle. Our foundation of operating rigor and disciplined action allows us to deliver on our commitment to compete and win. Our ability to invest and deliver enables GE to achieve reliable growth today, tomorrow and for decades to come. 10 ge 2006 annual report DELIVERED PERFORMANCE 2001 107 2006 163 CONSOLIDATED REVENUES (In $ billions) 2001 12.6 2006 20.7 EARNINGS FROM CONTINUING OPERATIONS BEFORE ACCOUNTING CHANGES (In $ billions) 2001 17 2006 25 CASH FROM OPERATING ACTIVITES (In $ billions)
A Better Company Today, GE is a stronger company. Over the last five years, we have transformed the portfolio with over $80 billion of announced or completed acquisitions and more than $35 billion of dispositions. We have created a faster-growing, higher-returning set of businesses capable of delivering sustained performance. With these portfolio actions, we have grown revenues over 50%, increased earnings 64%, and converted 100% of earnings into cash, with almost $25 billion of cash fl ow in 2006. In addition, margins and returns are expanding and organic revenue growth is twice our historic rate. A BETTER COMPANY With the strength of our capabilities, people and portfolio, we are a better company today than ever and we are positioned to invest and deliver for our shareowners. ge 2006 annual report 11 A. High Growth + High Margin + Leadership Healthcare Infrastructure Commercial Finance GE Money NBC Universal Growth Platforms High-Tech Industrial B. Low ROTC + Volatile Insurance Low-Growth Industrial B 2006 2001 A A B
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