INTRODUCTION This Flight Plan has been prepared by the Flight Planning Branch, Flight Crew Support Division, with technical support by TRW Systems. This document schedules the AS-506/CSM-107/LM-5 operations and crew activities to fulfill, when possible, the test objectives defined in the Mission Require- ments, G Type Mission Lunar Landing. The trajectory parameters used in this Flight Plan are for July 16, 1969 launch, with a 72° launch azimuth and were supplied by Mission Planning and Analysis Division as defined by the Apollo Mission G Spacecraft Operational Trajectory. The Apollo 11 Flight Plan is under the configuration control of the Crew Proce- dures Control Board (CPCB). All proposed changes to this document that fall in the following categories should be submitted to the CPCB via a Crew Procedures Change Request: 1. Items that impose additional crew training or impact crew procedures. 2. Items that impact the accomplishment of detailed test objectives. 3. Items that result in a significant RCS or EPS budget change. 4. Items that result in moving major activities to a different activity day in the Flight Plan. 5. Items that require a change to the flight data file. The Chief, Flight Planning Branch (FCSD) will determine what proposed changes fall in the above categories. Mr. T. A. Guillory will act as co-ordinator for all proposed changes to the Apollo 11 Flight Plan. Any requests for additional copies or changes to the distribution lists of this document must be made in writing to Mr. W. J. North, Chief, Flight Crew Support Division, MSC, Houston, Texas. x
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