ABBREVIATIONS ACCEL Accelerometer ACN Ascension ACT Activation ACQ Acquisition AEA Abort Electronics Assembly AGS Abort Guidance Subsystem AH Ampere Hours ALSCC Apollo Lunar Surface Close-up Camera ALT Altitude AMP or amp Ampere ANG Antigua ANT Antenna AOH Apollo Operations Handbook AOS Acquisition of Signal or Acquisition of Site AOT Alignment Optical Telescope APS Ascent Propulsion Subsystem ARS Atmosphere Revitalization System ATT Attitude AUX Auxiliary AZ Azimuth BAT Battery BDA Bermuda Bio Bio-Medical Data on Voice Downlink BP Barber Pole BT Burn Time BU Backup BW Black & White BRKT Bracket CAP COM Capsule Communicator CAL Calibration Angle CAM Camera CB Circuit Breaker CDH Constant Delta Altitüde CDR Commander CDU Coupling Data Unit CEX Color External CIN Color Internal CIRC Circularization CK Check CM Command Module CMC Command Module Computer CMD Command CMP Command Module Pilot CNTL Control C/O Check out COAS Crew Optical Alignment Sight COMM Communications CONFIG Configuration CONT Continue CP Control Point CRO Carnarvon, Australia CRYO Cryogenic CSC Contingency Sample Collection CSI Coelliptic Sequence Initiation CSM Command Service Module C&WS Caution and Warning System CYI Grand Canary Island DAP Digital Auto Pilot DB Deadband DCA Digital Command Assembly DEDA Data Entry and Display Assembly DEGS Degrees DEPL Depletion DET Digital Event Timer DIFF Difference iii
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